Fat Burning Exercises

To say that you're busy would be an understatement. To say that you need to find time to schedule physical activity into your already busy lifestyle would be the understatement of the year. After all, it's not that you're obtuse or indifferent: You've noticed and cared about the various recommendations released by organizations like the American Heart Association: recommendations that have encouraged Americans to get at least thirty minutes of exercise, five days a week. But like many other Americans, you've found it difficult to just initiate that change. Because as most people know, the biggest obstacle to adding exercise to your life is your schedule. To start off, try to incorporate any of the following exercises, or a combination of these exercises, into your weekly routine. Here are some great fat burning exercises.

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Interval Training

This is a major fat blasting workout that alternates between short bouts of high and low intensity activities. The idea is to get your heart rate up and to push yourself beyond your comfort zone for a short period of time, and then to allow your body to recover before a increasing the intensity once again. This type of exercise routine keeps the heart rate up and is a great calorie blaster.


Many people underestimate the amount of energy rowing expels. A stationary rowing machine is a great piece of equipment that can be found in nearly every gym.


Since running doesn't require much extra equipment besides a good pair of sneakers, its a super popular, convenient, and effective workout.


This exercise isn't as taxing on your knees as jogging or running. Its a great way to start your exercise routine.

Indoor Cycling

If there is one piece of equipment to splurge on its an indoor bike. You can burn major calories while reading an article for school or reviewing a presentation for work.

Weight/Resistance Training

Lifting weights increases muscle which will boost your metabolism. Try weight lifting three days a week, giving yourself enough time to rest between days.

Abdominal Exercises

six pack absThere are so many abdominal exercises out there. Perhaps you've heard of the plank, the bicycle, or just plain crunches. These are all abs exercises designed to strengthen your oblique's and/or your upper and lower abdominals. This area is known as your powerhouse or your core, so be sure to keep it strong. If you want more about abdominal exercises. I recommend The truth About Six Pack Abs.

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If you want a good workout, but would like to avoid the strain of a high intensity workout then its a good idea to consider swimming. Its a great cardio workout that will not put too much strain on your joints.

Relaxation exercise

Focusing on mind, body, and soul is also essential. Many people will be surprised how meditation, balance, flexibility, and breathing techniques can help you lose weight

Cardio Dancing

There are many cardio dance DVDs out there. Even if youre not much of a dancer, these DVDs will teach you the steps and have you shaking your hips while blasting calories in a really fun and unique way!