Exercise and Fitness Tools You Can Carry Anywhere

It does not take a whole lot to stay healthy and in shape because there are exercise and fitness tools you Can Carry Anywhere. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a personal trainer and a membership at the most expensive gym in town to be healthy. Because frankly, unless you're Britney or Paris your personal trainer most likely will not travel with you wherever you are, nor will your gym. And let's face it: It's terribly hard to get to the gym everyday when you're busy with a dozen other responsibilities. Hence below is a list of the different "tools" per se, that can be carried anywhere, to make your gym appear out of nowhere.

Light Dumbbells or Resistance Bands

Keep a resistance band handy, as well as a light set of dumbbells in your office. There will be plenty of times when no ones looking and you can take them out and work your biceps, shoulders, triceps, and back until either A) you have to go to a meeting or B) someone catches you getting your work out on during work. Either way, at least that's a few less minutes of sculpting you'll have to do once you get home.

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Exercise DVDs

These might come in handy if you're going on vacation, especially if you cant afford to pay the guest fees at a nearby gym. With the little portable CD/DVD cases that are sold almost everywhere now, its relatively easy to travel whether to your office or out of the country with a readily available workout in hand.


If ever you're in doubt about whether or not you've gotten enough physical activity, having a pedometer at your disposal will provide you with a good gauge of your daily performance. What's also convenient about the pedometer is that its small. You clip it on and just go and no one knows that you're taking the stairs instead of the elevator just to log-in a couple more steps.


There's nothing like a good pair of sneakers to get you through a tough workout. With cross-trainers, you can run, kick box, spin, or dance your way to fitness without having to change your shoes. They're usually small enough to fit into the large handbags that were oh-so-popular last season. And they're easy to store anywhere else. Its amusing how people in the airport even affix them to their luggage.

Your Own Body Weight

Have you ever tried triceps dips off the seat of a chair? If you have then you understand that your own body weight is the one true exercise tool that you can take anywhere. It provides resistance and a challenge that you would otherwise only encounter with free weights and weight lifting machines. So if you have a free moment, look up how to do triceps dips on the internet and try a couple sets. Your gorgeous triceps will thank me later.