Exercise That Burn Calories

If you're like many individuals, you really do not have time for an extensive exercise routine. You're probably juggling work, social, and family obligations to the point where just the thought of exercising seems like just another chore. It is encouraging to know though that you don't have to work out long to workout smart. There are many exercise that burn Calories, exercises that you can do at home or in the gym for 30 minutes a day that will be burn major calories. Below are just a few ideas of activities that burn at least 10 calories per minute, and trust me, 10 calories can add up to hundreds in no time!


You don't have to be a marathon runner to burn major calories while working out. A quick thirty minute run can burn over four hundred calories! Of course, calorie burn depends on the fitness level and weight of the individual, but overall all you need to do to burn a quick 400 calories is to run at a pace of about 8 mph for thirty minutes and you're done for the day. You would have burned major calories and succeeded in checking one more item off your already long to-do-list.


Rowing is a full body workout that with the proper resistance can burn major calories. Instead of setting your resistance low, try aiming for the 6 to 7 range for about a half hour. Many people attempt to set their rowing machine at the highest level and are only able to sustain that pace for a few minutes. Set the resistance at a slightly lower level and you'll be able to row faster hence increasing your heart rate and getting the added benefits of resistance.


What makes spinning so appealing is that its taught in a fun atmosphere where an instructor is constantly challenging you to push yourself to the max. Spinning is the type of exercise where what you put in to it, is what you will eventually get out of it. Did I mention that it also burns major calories? About 300 per half hour, to be exact.

Interval Training

This form of exercise has been around for years, but its especially popular now with busy Americans country-wide. If you want to burn major calories and challenge yourself in a short period of time, interval training is the way to go. Interval training constitutes quick bursts of intense activity followed by short sessions of moderate activity. It could include any of the other exercises listed on this page, such as fast paced uphill cycling for 3 minutes followed by 1 minute of more moderate paced cycling.

Plain Ol' Jumping Jacks and Jump Roping

You probably hate them from bad memories of your high school coach making you do two-hundred of them in what felt like a minute, but they're still major calorie burners! They've received a bad rap for not being new and fresh, but if they weren't effective they would not still be incorporated in exercise DVDs across genres. Vigorous jumping Jacks by the way, expend about 274 calories in thirty minutes.

So now that you have ideas, you have no excuses. Any of these effective, yet short workouts, can fit into even the busiest schedule.